Mélange realizes that personal connection is the most effective way to reach people and spread awareness about the projects of Mélange International Music Foundation.
When there is love, passion, kindness, and hope, there is possibility for music and art to change people's lives.
Mélange Advocates and Artist Ambassadors use their talents as communicators and influencers to engage students, donors, and communities around the world, and inspire them to take action.  
For their efforts, Mélange publicly recognizes these exceptional individuals and gratefully offers a transferable tuition reduction of up to 20% (Advocates) or up to 100% (Artist Ambassadors) to our signature program, Mélange Vienna, and priority consideration to perform at a Mélange.IMF Extension Project sites. Click here for a current list of Advocates and Ambassadors.
For more information, read the descriptions below or write to contact@melangefoundation.org. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!


noun​ /advəkət/ 

1. a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or organization

Mélange Advocates promote the Foundation and/or one of our projects by:

·       Speaking in public settings, such as at recitals and presentations

·       Posting on social media or writing in blogs

·       Handing out or mailing brochures

·       Hanging posters

·       Talking to friends and family

·       Recruiting volunteers or participants (Mélange Vienna)

·       Being seen in our swag!


noun​ /æmˈbæs·ə·dər/ 

1. a person who publicly represents, promotes, or speaks for an organization or group of people, and reflects its identity in values, ethics, demeanor, and appearance

Mélange Artist Ambassadors are musicians who are most passionate about our mission and contribute their time and talent for the benefit of all projects of Mélange International Music Foundation.

In addition to being advocates for Mélange, Artist Ambassadors 

raise funds for the foundation through benefit recitals over the course of a year. This can be done as an individual, a studio, or even a community!