Launch of Mélange Vienna 2019!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

If you read our first blog post, you'll know why Mélange Vienna is so important to us at Mélange International Music Foundation. And if you haven't read our first blog post...well, go give it a read!

My vision was to create a nonprofit organization that not only provided music education for underserved communities, but also created opportunities for young professionals to develop within the field of music. One of my first ideas was a summer festival in Vienna that would blend the rich history and cultural traditions of the city within an intensive piano course. After spending six years in Vienna studying piano during my own undergraduate degree, I wanted to give my students and their colleagues a little bit of that experience in the City of Music!

With the launch of our program this year, we are so excited to have participants from all over the world, including Colombia, China, Austria, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the United States! What better way to finally make our dream a reality!

In the next few posts, you will get to experience a bit of Mélange Vienna vicariously through highlights of festival locations, cultural excursions, events, faculty, and students.



Although Mélange Vienna will take place at several sites around Vienna, the festival's "home base" will be the Klaviergalerie Vienna, a venue with twenty-one rehearsal rooms, a concert hall, a recording studio, and pianos of nearly every make. (Can someone say a piano-lover's retreat?!)


Excursion - Stephandsom

Peppered throughout the schedule are several excursions. One place we will visit is Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral). This landmark is known throughout Austria and the world as an important heritage site. The original church was built in 1137, but after a large fire, it had to be rebuilt. Over time, large parts of the church have had to be reconstructed - such as after WWII. Participants will not only get to see it up close, but also enjoy Michael Haydn's Aloysium Mass there!

Faculty Feature - Rico Gulda

Mélange Vienna revolves around an intensive piano course. Private lessons...master classes...lectures by esteemed faculty...all of these activities will allow the participants to push themselves to become better musicians. One of our Visiting Artist Faculty is Rico Gulda, who is the current Artistic Director of the Vienna Konzerthaus. Rico Gulda is the son of Friedrich Gulda, a 20th-century pianist and composer known for his fusion of jazz with classical music, and his unpredictable concert programs. We are thrilled to have Rico Gulda, his son, at our festival! At age twelve, Rico Gulda became the youngest student of German virtuoso Ludwig Hoffmann. Until 2000, he studied at the Mozarteum Salzburg, Hansei University in Seoul. He has performed with the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Symphony Orchestra of Milan, the Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg...and many others. We are honored to have such brilliant faculty on board!

Bösendorfer Hall

Mozarthaus Vienna Recital Bösendorfer Hall

The 10-day festival will close with a recital at Bösendorfer Hall. This hall is located in the cellar of Mozarthaus in Vienna, just a few floors below the home where Mozart lived from 1784-1787! This recital will showcase the participants' musical skill and development throughout the festival. Imagine giving a performance on the site that housed Mozart hundreds of years doesn't get better than that!

Vienna is truly an inspiring city, and we can't wait for everyone to see that with their own eyes through Mélange Vienna! And, of course, we can't wait for everyone to sip on a cup of authentic Wiener Melange - the famous coffee drink blending espresso, steamed milk, and foam. You might say that this experience will give students the chance to "taste" what we are all about!

We hope that you'll follow along as we launch Mélange Vienna tomorrow! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or visit our website for more information!

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