Signature Project

Mélange Vienna aims to give pianists and vocalists, students, music teachers, and music lovers from around the world a cost-effective means to attend an intensive music course in a city seeped in rich history and cultural traditions.


For 10 days in early July, participants attend private lessons, master classes, and lectures, and learn about the daily lives and professions of our faculty through “Artist Encounter” sessions. All participants will experience the heartbeat of Vienna’s past and present culture through excursions, German language classes, and concert attendance.


Participants also spread and strengthen the foundation's mission by performing in outreach recitals in hospitals and elderly homes. Mélange Vienna is capped by a final recital in an important venue in Vienna, such as the United Nations, Bösendorfer Recital Hall, and the Eroica Saal, 

A limited number of scholarships are provided for students in need, especially from developing areas of the world. In collaboration with the DoReMi Foundation, Mélange IMF has also offered additional support for one pianist who is a refugee or migrant in Austria to attend.

The inaugural season of Mélange Vienna launched in July 2019. The next summer program of Mélange Vienna is TBD at this time.


above: Bösendorfer Recital Hall, located in the cellar of Mozart's apartment 

left: Eroica Saal, inside the Palais Lobkowitz where Beethoven premiered his Third Symphony

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Expansion Projects

Responding to the needs of underserved communities worldwide, Mélange IMF aims to collaborate with local schools, charities, and music organizations to provide scholarships, present musical performances, and develop sustainable projects and mentorships in education.

Please click on the logos below to learn more about our international initiatives through Expansion Projects.

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Sponsored Projects

As a global nonprofit organization, Mélange IMF strives to support other organizations that share the same mission and vision - provide the means that educate, engage, and enrich communities.  

Please click on the logos below to learn more about these international initiatives through Sponsored Projects. 

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Memorial Scholarships

As Mélange International Music Foundation moves forward with making a global change, Mélange IMF will work with different music non-profit organizations whose mission and vision align with Mélange and sponsor memorial scholarships in honor of its Founder.  

Please click on the images below to learn more about these projects through Memorial Scholarships. 

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